Technologies for people

The best products are created by combining human needs, technology and business. That is our job. We create products that are user-oriented and simplify their life.


Tell us how your business works and our experienced consultants and analysts will do their best to find/design the best digital solution for you.

IT consulting areas

We provide IT consulting in the following areas: Software development, building IT infrastructures and business intelligence (BI).

Cost optimization

In IT, we are not tied to any paid technologies, we tend to deploy open-source tools and technologies that can radically reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure while maintaining robustness, reliability, and availability.

Software development consultancy and advice

Company information systems have their specifics. Therefore, every company needs its own solution and services related to it. We always take the time to understand your goals and find a solution that works for your particular type of business.

We advice you how to handle errors

There may be errors in your IT infrastructure. Our experience is your guarantee that every problem can be solved by us. Modern IT technologies, hardware and software solutions require a professional approach. Take the advantage of our comprehensive IT support.

Quality code

Quality code is the basis of every online application, website or e-shop.


Innovative and functional design is synonymous with our projects. When creating a design, we think of the simplicity but also the uniqueness that every project needs.

Information systems

We will create an information system adapted to your needs, with a perfect experience, built on a secure and stable architecture.


We place great emphasis on proper optimization to handle higher traffic.

Software development

Are you looking for a solution that meets your need? Our activities cover the entire life cycle of the process, including development and maintenance.

Mobile applications

Stand out from the competition with a mobile app from us. Our solutions are developed and designed using the latest technologies.

Native mobile app development

We are experts in the native development of mobile applications in the Kotlin and Swift programming languages. We believe that native development is the right way for most clients, especially for large, fast-growing projects.

Visually attractive and functional

Our analyst will help you find out what meets the requirements of your project.

Unique graphic design

Our graphic designers will prepare more designs for your mobile application for you. Of course, while keeping in mind your requirements and brand identity.

Features as needed

Whether you are a restaurant owner or an avid tourist, we will recommend features that make the booking, check-in, and ordering process, or other improvements for your particular business easier.

Responsive design

Thanks to the responsive design, we will ensure a clear display of products on tablets, mobile phones, as well as traditional PCs. When creating the e-shop, we also think about mobile devices.


The system is ready to fill in meta descriptions. At the same time, it is programmed to adhere to as many SEO standards as possible.

Speed optimization

We are already thinking about the speed of the site during development. We optimize the code and do not use unnecessarily many extensions and scripts that can slow down the e-shop. At startup, we apply several mechanisms to optimize speed.

Easy product modification

Easy editing of products, categories, but also the entire ordering system. Thanks to this, the creation of the e-shop is efficient and you can easily manage it yourself.


The shopping cart is becoming more and more virtual. Allow your customers to put your products in the shopping cart.

Automation and integration

Business process automation and software development can provide significant added value.

Automation, efficiency, time

Business processes and procedures involve a number of activities of various kinds. Some are routine, you do them on a daily basis and others are specific depending on the nature of the business. Automating these tasks saves time and you can focus more on your business for now. Software automated application programs help you perform day-to-day tasks.

Reduction of human errors

Task automation also has other advantages such as the reduction of human errors. When your business operates mostly manually, the chances of an error caused by an employee are much higher. Not to mention that tracing and correcting errors again takes time and energy from your business.

Better overview and management of business activities

Look in the office around you. Do you see a lot of paper? If so, you must know that paper is slowing you down. Let’s take a simple example. For example, retrieving documents from the folder may take 15 minutes. If it is an activity performed frequently, for example, three times a day, on average, it takes 3 hours 45 minutes a week, 15 hours a month. Remove the paper and place it back in the file cabinet. The question is whether you want to seek information or act on information. You can find the information you need in seconds if you have software. Not to mention that you can clarify databases and prevent data loss (in this case, document loss).

Customer/partner support and competitiveness

From your own experience, imagine your communication with a potential or current business partner. Imagine that you are solving a problem, sending an e-mail, and requesting information. How does it affect you if your partner responds immediately or with a significant delay? The speed of response can inspire confidence and the feeling that a business partner is interested in you and your problems, or vice versa. Supporting customers and partners is an important factor in building successful business relationships. A good information system will help you react promptly and arouse a feeling of professionalism and trust in your partners. Various information system functions, such as sending regular notifications to your clients, will increase your visibility. This naturally gives you an edge over the competition. After all, which partner would you choose?

Flexible team expansion

Scale your team as needed. Our team of developers allows you to expand your capacity according to the needs and current challenges you face.

Agile team

Agile development brings added value faster. The goal is to validate ideas and to develop and test functionalities in short cycles (increments).

Comprehensive product development

We can cover the entire production process from idea validation, design and development, testing, and optimization.


Precise reporting will ensure perfect information at every stage and about the activity of developers.

IT body leasing

Save yourself the hassle of hiring new people and use the knowledge of our experienced IT professionals.

Online marketing

We can help you outperform your competitor and become a market leader with a proper online media strategy.

Marketing strategy

We regularly monitor events and trends so that we can offer you the best marketing strategy. We know what works on the Internet, so we can design the right plan for you to achieve your business goal.


We will optimize your website or write articles for you to make it appear better on search engines like Google. Thanks to this, we can significantly increase traffic to your website from so-called organic search (from unpaid search links).

Management of social networks

Together, we will understand your brand and market environment so that we can recommend the best combination of natural and social media advertising formats.

Quality photos

High-quality interior photos can enliven a website in an original way and add authenticity to it. Interior photography is suitable e.g. for shops, offices, production halls, cafes, and restaurants. In addition to the internal photos, it is advisable to add photos of the employees or company management. Last but not least, photos taken behind the scenes of the company are also effective (photos of, for example, work in the office or a company event).

Design and implementation

We will design the entire concept of the video, from storyboards (graphic concepts) through production to 2D compositions, 3D effects, and animations. When creating each video, we emphasize even the smallest details.

Stand out from your competition.

Virtual tours

360° virtual tours consist of several panoramic photos, which are edited and seamlessly combined into one unit.

360 videos

Video shot in all directions! It captures the entire space at three hundred and sixty degrees (360°). You see everything. Up, down, front to back. Thanks to that, it is a unique format and experience with great potential.

Attractive photos

Portraits of your employees, authentic photos for social networks, or perfect snapshots from events will enable your brand to come to life and bring it closer to potential candidates, customers, and the public.

Photo and video production

We will design the overall concept of the video for you and place great emphasis on the smallest details.